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Funding for zeppeliner project

New Experience Centre in Tønder



Illustration of Experience Centre

At its meeting in April, the board of the Foundation decided to award Tønder Municipality 2.5 million kroner for the development of a large-scale project to realise an experience and communication centre on Zeppelins in Tønder.  

The Zeppelin Project is designed to communicate history and learning through innovative experiences. The Centre is to communicate the history of World War I and the role of the Zeppelins in the border region. The Project includes both outreach activities in a historic aircraft hangar and landscape activities in the scenic "Soldier's Forest", where visitors can explore ancient monuments and participate in learning activities.

Mayor of Tønder, Jørgen Popp Petersen, is pleased with the support and says:

This donation from Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation is a milestone for Zeppelin Tønder. With the support of the Foundation, we can now accelerate the work to create an experience centre that will not only enrich the local community, but also attract visitors from Denmark and abroad.

Jørgen Popp Petersen, Mayor

The grant makes it possible to start the exhibition in the aircraft hangar. At the same time, additional funding is being sought for exhibitions and activities in the surrounding landscape.

Illustration of Experience Centre

Illustration of Experience Centre


Per Egebæk Have, Chairman of the Board of Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation, explains that the Board wanted to support the scientific and historical dimension of the project:

By supporting the Zeppelin Tønder Project, we want to contribute to the development of a new and exciting attraction in Southern Jutland that promotes a deeper understanding and interest in science and history. The Foundation is particularly interested in creating interest among children and young people. Projects like this also help to strengthen the local community and promote the marketing of our region for the benefit of businesses, citizens, and tourism.

Per Egebæk Have, Chairman of the Board

Zeppelin Tønder is a world-class experience and outreach centre in Denmark. The Centre will educate visitors about the gigantic dimensions of the Zeppelin Base, world history, war and peace, development of aviation technology, green transport and personal stories.

Zeppelin Tønder will attract and expand the tourism potential of the Marshland as a hybrid of cultural history and science centre. 

You can read more about the Project on this page:

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