Kata Foundation

The Kata Foundation was established in 2006 and is engaged in education and innovation-orientated projects.

The Kata Foundation is a charitable foundation which was established in 2006. It is an internationally orientated research and development entity which devises and runs education and innovation-orientated projects.

In cooperation with a number of leading international researchers, the Kata Foundation runs projects which give Denmark new knowledge about education, teaching, creativity and innovation. There is particular focus on ensuring that this new knowledge is put into practice so that it is of value to society.

In 2015 the Kata Foundation received DKK 17 million from Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation for a project that will support a science school initiative based on project-based learning.

Practitioners in focus

The Kata Foundation’s projects are always based on practitioner needs since the Foundation focuses on research, development and dissemination. To manage these aspects of the projects, the Kata Foundation has an interdisciplinary team of specialists including teachers, researchers and innovation experts with long professional careers behind them, who also represent the project users.

Through its work, the Kata Foundation has focused on developing the foundation of children’s learning so that it is as strong as possible. For example, if we look at the school system, the Foundation is focusing on the children’s wellbeing, the sense of community in schools, children’s motivation, their opportunities to be creative, their desire and ability to convert knowledge into action and their ability to use their knowledge in different contexts. As a consequence, the Foundation focuses on the knowledge and skills that are essential for individuals in the global knowledge-based society.

The Kata Foundation also promotes innovation and learning within the companies that will employ young people from the Danish education system. This mainly takes the form of initiatives for medium-sized companies with potential for growth. For example, what is required for such companies to increase their return on investments in innovation?

Along with other private foundations and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation has helped to implement the Kata Foundation’s projects.

Read more about the Kata Foundation, its projects and contact information on the Kata Foundation’s website.

Kata Foundation