ProjectZero focuses on turning the Sønderborg area into a CO2-neutral growth area.


The results of the project can be seen in the form of local empowerment and business-oriented solutions. It is by virtue of strong partnerships, local involvement and international appeal that ProjectZero is realising its vision for the area.

ProjectZero focuses on turning the Sønderborg area into a CO2-neutral growth area and creating economic growth and green jobs as part of this switch.

With a vision of putting a green fingerprint on global development, our aim is to make the Sønderborg area 100% carbon-neutral before 2029. 43% of this target is expected to be achieved through energy efficiency. The rest will come from renewable energy sources based on the area’s own resources. One of the ways of achieving this vision is by putting the focus on topics such as learning, changing attitudes, urban development, new housing concepts and business development.

The ambition for the area is to reduce its carbon emissions by 25% in 2015 and by 50% in 2020. With an actual reduction of 23% at the end of 2013 compared to the starting point in 2007, the project has clearly already made its mark. Converting the area’s district heating plant to run on green energy has in particular contributed to this reduction.

Focus on ProjectZero

It is only by virtue of cooperation, partnerships and involvement that we can produce results. Project Zero takes on, tests and prepares energy and climate projects for market launch, thus creating scalable energy and climate solutions, reducing carbon emissions, generating growth and creating green jobs.

Bitten & Mads Clausen's Foundation supports the ProjectZero project in Sønderborg on an ongoing basis. ProjectZero is in the process of realising its vision locally in the Sønderborg area thanks to partnerships, local involvement and international appeal. The results are also being circulated through national and international networking and collaboration.

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